Whysr API for Cutting Edge Campaign Tracking

Understanding the benefit of the multi-channel Autotagging Whysr API

Understanding the benefits of our Autotagging Whysr API allows you to coordinate internally with system owners and other stakeholders to modernise your company’s or agency’s systems and unlock the huge potential of UTM codes. Let’s go through these advantages in a broader context.

Who uses the Whysr API?

The users of the Whysr Autotagging Whysr API are businesses and agency’s that want to benefit from the ability to create and personalise tracking URLs or custom UTM codes, from within their existing applications.

Quick Win:  Real-Time dynamic tracking URLs
URL Builder API

Performance Marketing API

Providing high availability Whysr API access to services in mobile apps and games ensures a feasible risk management strategy for your data driven marketing efforts. Whether the goal is to support your own company’s apps or third-party apps, the first step is enabling API access to the tracking URLs that would go into customer lifetime value indicators. This quick win provides the means of real-time adjustable UTM codes and tracking URLs in any kind of mobile app. Such UTM code flexibility is especially critical if the success of your business or specific marketing campaign relies on performance driven marketing KPI’s.

Tracking Automation

The past few months we’ve helped multiple customers create tracking URLs inside their own or third-party apps. The UTM Builder API handles the kinds of massive workloads, which would otherwise require excessive manual work of a human. The Whysr API effortlessly handles multiple UTM code or bulk UTM codes to update and propagate in real time to every social media post, UTM email link, CPC, CPA, CPM, Display, Referral and Offline channels at once. Furthermore, the UTM Builder API doesn’t just enable higher productivity for your team but also your for company or your agency. A more productive performance tracking experience is achieved by allowing previously published UTM tracking URLs to be updated should they need to be adjusted to your evolved business goals.

URL Builder API

Tailor-made Performance Tracking

Our multichannel Whysr API enables you to create branded tracking URLs and custom UTM codes from any decentralised legacy app or cloud based app. By allowing any system to create new tracking URLs —like an app, a website, or a game- the Whysr UTM Builder API can be used to distribute tracking URLs to new target audiences and can be customised to provide tailored performance tracking results. People who do not come to your website click on your UTM code enabled marketing ads displaying on the other websites or services they regularly visit.

The API allows your content to be more easily tracked across multiple channels and devices. Therewith, you can ensure a solid and error-free user experience, which is relevant and hold up-to-date UTM tracking information.

Lightyears ahead with UTM Builder Autotagging

The information is delivered to whichever channels that can be useful to your business, not just in those places where your team has had time to update the content.

Our customers choose to be lightyears ahead of their competition. By using the Whysr API you ensure that your own or third-party apps take advantage of Whysr’s marketing tracking accuracy.

Partner with us

The mission of the Whysr API is to create added value towards like-minded process-efficient business or marketing application vendors, who are interested in using dynamic tracking URLs to in their services. This fuels innovation because any marketer with a good idea can create the next killer app without compromising multichannel Return on Investment integrity.

URL Builder APIIntegrating with the Whysr API

Integrating the Whysr API allows for tracking URLs to be generated in bulk and systematically published to the channels of your liking. Your company’s tracking URLs are ready to create, edit and distribute in order to deliver your business goals instantly to drive more sales.

Whysr customers gain access to an undisputedly efficient campaign tracking technology.

Which of your apps would benefit from dynamic tracking URLs?

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