Autotagging Google URL Builder Engine

Enables you to create instant UTM tracking URLs for Advertising, Social Media, Email Marketing, Display and Affiliate Networks.

All Purpose UTM Builder

Use our UTM Builder for all purposes:

  1. Prepare multiple Tracking URL at once and/or to
  2. Create and Insert a tracking link on-the-go in your favourite Social Media network

Consistent UTM Codes

Our UTM Builder is designed to create UTM parameters that make it easy for you to track your UTM Codes like utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign.

Instant UTM Tracking Links – No Technical Knowledge Required

UTM Code Made Easy

Whysr Links are dynamic and consistent Google Analytics Tracking Links

Instantly Personalised with Custom Domains and http://vanity/URLs


Whysr Links are 100% consistent without asking technical questions.


Share your links with Social Buttons

Jochem Rutte

I use Whysr’s UTM Builder tools to track content marketing articles on social media, newsletters and I love how the Chrome Extension lets me insert a tracking url in any social media post.

Whysr is, without any doubts, the most sophisticated Google UTM Builder tool for marketers with and without technical knowledge. 

Jochem RutteContent -& Marketing Manager -

UTM_Campaign Analysis

The Channel Performance report helps you identify how your UTM Campaign is performing over multiply channels at once

UTM_Source and UTM_Medium Analysis

Our UTM Source / UTM Medium reports helps you understand the correlations between these UTM Codes and the performance of your UTM_Campaign Names.

Custom URL Shortener

Use a Custom Domain to:

  • Optimise the Click Through Rate of your tracking campaigns in google analytics
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your UTM Codes

Effortless UTM Tracking Reports

Use our integrated Reports to analyse the UTM Codes belonging to the website visitors of your UTM tracking campaigns


Campaign VS Channel Performance: Like you’ve never seen before.


Essential Campaign VS Media Performance


Intuitive Workflows provide you with Instant Knowledge.

Personalise Every UTM Tracking URL

You can personalise the alias of every UTM Tracking URL: http://customdomain/alias.

UTM Builder with 100% Data Integrity

The consistency with which our UTM Generator builds your tracking URLs guarantees virtually 100% data integrity to your Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel reports.

Multiple or Bulk Tracking URL Maker

It only takes a second for our utm builder to make a single utm tracking link, multiple tracking urls or large numbers of UTM tracking URLs.

UTM Builder That Requires No UTM Tracking Knowledge

Like what you see but want to take this to The Next Level?

Whysr Invisible UTM

Completely hide all UTM_tracking_parameters behind your Whysr Links.

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Whysr Customer Journey Tracking

Get in depth about Customer Journey Tracking. This so-called “King of KPI’s” is an absolute added value for every business.

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Whysr Campaign Grouping

Whysr Campaign Grouping adds more value to Google Analytics U.T.M. Campaign tagging.

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Whysr Social Advertising Cost Importer

Whysr Cost Importer automatically imports your Advertising Campaign Metrics into Google Analytics.

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Whysr SEO Keywords to Session matching

Whysr SEO Matching matches your Google Webmaster Tools keywords directly to your Google Analytics visitor sessions.

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